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We are a global company

Crimson Tech is based in Ghana

Our talented and experienced team span across the continent of Africa and Europe

Our services

We develop and implement custom software solutions tailored to your business needs, as well as focus on automating the existing workflows and facilitating data management. We have many remote software engineers ready to boost your project.

Bespoke Software Product Development

Our reliable team of software engineers deliver cutting-edge software solutions with Python, Flutter, Java, React etc. Employing high-level development practices of cloud automation, blockchain development, web app development and artificial intelligence development.

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Enterprise Software Development

We use advanced and prominent industry technology to help companies strategize design and develop appriopiate systems to improve their internal process and operations, to give them a competive advantage. Using enterprise software will equip enterprises with a faster streamlined and sublime process.

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Mobile App Development

Our aptitude in custom mobile application development delivers to our client a wide array of improbable functionality into the palms of their customers. All the mobile applications we build convey a world-class user experience along with gorgeous and an aesthetic design.

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Artificial Intelligence

We develop custom sophisticated artificial intelligence, with a centered area focus around machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing. Our engineering team has specific expertise and experience with chatbots, virtual assistants and computer vision.

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UI & UX Design

Crimson Tech has the first-hand experience with user interface design and user experience engineering across multiple platforms and operating systems. Delivering intuitive, functional, interactive and user friendly designs with the expertise of our designers.

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We offer consultancy and QA sessions for companies with enterprise systems within the scope of our technology stack to allow integration with other technologies, migration and performance fine-tuning of the components and modules of the system.

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Our technology stack


Leverage our extensive expertise in python for AI, Machince Learning, Data Analytics and Web Application Development, using various libraries and implementations with Python. Our team has experience with Django for web back-end development.


Angular software engineers at Crimson Tech provide high-quality consulting and development services to our customers by creating progressive, dynamic, and scalable enterprise-grade apps, as well as single-page apps with reusable components.


React development team at Crimson Tech has years of experience in developing high-performance and scalable apps including as e-commerce solutions, trading platforms, web-based video apps, along with other IT solutions for customers from all over the world.


Crimson Tech develops high quality cross-platform software applications with flutter development. Implementing the use of nifty collection of pre-built and custom widgets to speed up the design and development process.


Some of our Java developers have 10+ of years Java software development, helping customers to develop high-load, distributed, secure, and fail-safe solutions. We help enterprises to automate workflows and improve business processes while refining collaboration and data management.


Our expert team builds web, mobile, and desktop solutions based on the latest frameworks and databases. Node.js technology has been successfully applied in a wide range of real-time apps such as CRM, project management systems, chat apps, and web portals.


Our Ruby on Rails developers have extensive experience in delivering applications faster and in an agile way, relying on mature practices of software development life cycle, QA procedures, and test-driven development.


Our expert team builds web, mobile, and desktop solutions based on the latest frameworks and databases. JavaScript technology has been successfully applied in a wide range of real-time apps such as CRM, project management systems, chat apps, and web portals.


The engineering team at Crimson Tech help companies that adopt .NET across their software products to accelerate time-to-market and increase return on investment. We use ASP.NET, .NET, and .NET Core for .NET building, delivering web, desktop, mobile, cloud, and IoT solutions.


10 Years

Our Engineers, bring a decade of experience and industry know-how to your engagement.

20+ Experts

Our global team is ready to serve you and your project.

80% Of clients return

Crimson Tech’s trademark is quality. That’s why clients choose to work with us again at a rate that’s unheard of in our industry.


Running a project with Crimson Tech gives you full visibility into the process, and accurate time and cost reports at each incremental stage of development. Our focus is on clear communication to avoid surprises, and get things done faster.


Crimson Tech is client-focused, and motivated to help you succeed. From the biggest ideas to the smallest detail, we strive to improve, optimize, and innovate every aspect of your product for quality and performance.

Agile process

  1. Release
  2. Testing & Feedback
  3. Development
  4. Design
  5. Concept

Our Partners

Our trusted partners help us deliver cutting-edge technology solution services in the most efficient manner. Using some of the world best engineered tools we are guranteed a seamless development process.

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