Enterprise Software Development

We use advanced and prominent industry technology to help companies strategize design and develop appriopiate systems to improve their internal process and operations, to give them a competive advantage. Using enterprise software will equip enterprises with a faster streamlined and sublime process.

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Crimson Tech provide clients with HR Management Systems, Payroll Management Systems, Customer Support Systems, Email Marketing Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. Additionally, we equip our customers with Business Intelligence Software and Inventory/Asset Managment Systems for better decision making.

This is the ultimate solution for companies that want to have a competitive advantage. Our be-spoke solutions aid customers alleviate compromise, providing unique applications that help improve productivity and performance.

Experience across multiple platforms

Our technology stack partly comprises of Django, Laravel and .NET for web app enterprise applications. As well as React Native and Flutter for cross platform applications.

Python is a powerful programming language with many frameworks and libraries that we use for big data analysis and AI development. Some of our platforms for hosting and scaling large projects include AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean.

More Technology Stack

Highly Scalable Enterprise Applications

We enable customers with scalable platforms for customers with a large user base. Both using horizontal and vertical scaling methods. We use cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Digital ocean. As well as design the right scalable architecture for clients. In our process we select the right server and database and also use right techniques for scalabe employing the use of load balancers for optimum efficiency and performance.

Deploy your app to the cloud

Read more on the techniques and infrastructure we use to scale our clients products.

Server Scale Server Scale

Proven process

Prior to engaging in application development and design, we immerse ourselves with the client team and other stakeholders. The aim is to develop a full understanding of the business case, while documenting any requirement gaps and product pain points for future prioritization. This process improves product alignment with business goals and increases client satisfaction.

All product development projects at Crimson Tech include this proven process of discovery, ideation, prototyping and validation. Our unique approach includes aspects of the Google Ventures Design Sprint and Stanford’s d.school methodology.

Development Process

  1. Challange
  2. Phase I - Research
  3. Problem definition
  4. Phase II - Design & Dev
  5. MVP
  6. Growth

Our clients include:

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We help leading brands worldwide drive digital innovation via rapid prototyping, iterative development, design thinking and agile devops.

I've worked with many different teams over the years, but Crimson Tech stands out because they truly grasp business and can challenge us to develop stronger strategies and products.

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Christ Gang

We were looking for a provider with knowledge of technological innovation as well as expertise. Crimson Tech will join your team and make a terrific partner.

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Offering Security Services without the support of smart technology is like working in the dark to meet clients needs and expectations. Crimson Tech has been a valuable partner, delivering excellent Software and Tech solutions for our needs. We recommend them.

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